Take the pain out of sighting in your bow with this innovative, time-saving Trophy Ridge React H5 Five-Pin Sight. Sight in your 20- and 30-yd. pins using tool-less microclick windage and elevation microadjustments. React Technology automatically sets the 40-, 50- and 60-yd.
  • Lightweight 5-pin bow sight with React Technology
  • Ballistic CoPolymer construction - lightweight, strong, and vibration resistant
  • Five .019 pins equipped with fibre optics
  • React Technology - set 2 pins, other 3 set automatically
  • Second-axis adjustment for greater long range accuracy
  • Advanced tool-free micro-click windage and elevation adjustment
  • Rheostat light - battery included
  • Designed for 240-330 fps bows
  • Mounting hardware included
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