Fuse Carbon X Taper Stabilizer

• World-renowned for innovation, performance, design and proven results
• The most innovative, advanced, high-performance design FUSE has ever introduced
• Convex Taper Technology - reduces stabilizer mass weight while maximizing the stiffness-to-weight ratio. The stabilizer weight reduction design allows for customization and optimization of mass at the end of stabilizer with FUSE custom disc weights where it is most effective for precise balance, aiming, feel and performance
• Dual Stiffness Technology - dial in your stiffness preference. Maximize vertical plane stiffness with the dimples side to side or reduce stiffness by 23% with the dimples top and bottom. Easy-adjust stud allows quick and easy fine tuning of stiffness preference
• Internal Damping Technology - ensures a smooth, vibration-free, rock-solid shot
• Dimpling Technology - dimpled design breaks up wind allowing for a more steady aim and accurate shot
• 27” (5.38 oz) 30” (5.9oz) 33” (6.43oz) 36” (6.95oz) weight listed does not included end weights. 
• Comes standard with a 3 oz. base weight and a 1 oz. disc weight. Additional weights can be purchased separately to obtain a custom balanced set-up for ultimate performance
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