These cut-on-contact fixed bladed crossbow broadheads fly like a field point and are deadly accurate.

RED HOT Crosspro 100 Crossbow Broadheads are patented and engineered to work with high-performance crossbows. They have razor sharp blades, hardened steel, no moving parts, no rivets, and no o-rings which means less worry in the field.  A Patented blade retention system is what makes the CrossPro broadheads unique. The retention system locks the blades in place with a spring. Simply slide the blade down towards the thread and lift up to remove the blade. In the event, a blade needs replaced, use the RED HOT CrossPro 100 blade replacement pack.

The hardened steel tip of the broadhead is tough enough to bust through bone and put the game on the ground fast. With a 1 1/16″” cutting diameter, the small profile ensures that these crossbow broadheads will fly like a field point. Pair these CrossPro 100 broadheads with Parker Hunter or RED HOT carbon arrows for ultimate accuracy and killing power.


Patented Blade Retention System:

  • Blades cannot fall out
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Makes blade replacement easy
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