The Hunter Junior promises outstanding performance, after all, Beman invented carbon arrows. An opportunity for all ages.

The Hunter Junior offer strength and lightweight Beman carbon for a perfect balance of speed and long-lasting durability.

Proper spine selection is the key to optimum arrow flight. Spined perfectly for lower poundage bows, these arrows are ideal for the beginning archer or anyone shooting less than 40 lbs of draw weight.

Increased weight ratio for increased energy transfer and penetration.

Carbon composite construction and factory-installed super nocks offer up a high-strength, durable arrow for lighter bows.

Arrow weight is 7.3 grains per inch.

  • Straightness +/- .003"
  • Weight Tolerance +/- 2.0 grains
  • Diameter 9/32
  • Shaft composition - high strength carbon composite fibre construction for durability and hoop strength
  • Multi layered design increases accuracy, durability and consistency
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre core
  • Thicker wall, unidirectional high strength carbon fibres for durability and deeper penetration
  • Micro smooth finish provides quiet draw and release and easier target removal
  • One size arrow suits bows up to 40 pounds draw weight
  • Direct fit Super Nock 13 grains factory installed
  • CB Inserts 12 grains installed
  • Factory fletched with 3" vanes 7 grains each
  • Arrow length 28"
  • ViBrake Nock & Insert compatible sold separately
  • Arrows weigh 7.3 grains per inch
  • 9-32 RPS point
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