• Incredibly lightweight bow that is the perfect introductory compound bow for any young archer that will last for years to come
  • Draw weight starts at an easy to pull 5 lbs and can be adjusted up to a serious 50 lbs
  • Draw weight can be easily adjusted from 12” to 27”
  • All draw length and draw weight adjustments can be made using an Allen wrench
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, the Royale weighs only 2.7 lbs bow only and 3.3 lbs with the included accessories
  • With a super smooth draw cycle, the Royale offers a 75% let off and fires arrows at 290 feet per second
  • EnduraFiber Limbs offer lethal controlled power and the RockStops offset string suppressor eliminate noise and vibration
  • Fully equipped and ready to hunt
             Package includes:
  • Trophy Ridge Mist sight
  • 5-Spot quiver
  • Whisker Biscuit
  • Fletcher Archery No Tie peep 
  • Axle to axle: 27"
  • Brace height: 6"
  • Speed: 290 fps
  • Mass weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Draw weight: 5-50 lbs
  • Draw length: 12"-27"
  • Let-off: 75 % 
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