Fuse Carbon Alpha lite quivers have changed the game. The single hollow carbon tube frame makes the Carbon Alpha lite super lightweight. The adjustable mounting bracket keeps the quiver tight to your bow and allows for adjustments up and down for your preferred balance and feel. A hard-locking, quick-detach system makes for easy quiver removal and locks the quiver down tight for silent, rattle-free performance on the bow. The Carbon Alpha lite holds up to 5 arrows, easily converts from right hand to left hand and comes in all the most popular camo patterns used by bowhunters around the world.

  • Extremely Lightweight Carbon Tube Frame
  • Durable Hook For Silent Hanging In Your Tree Stand
  • Grippers Secure Both Small And Large Diameter Arrows
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket For Perfect Positioning And Balance
  • Rock-Solid, Silent Quick-Detach Mounting System
  •  Realtree Edge or Blackout Black
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